Loft Living is All About You

One thing you can say about people who opt for loft living is that individuality is important to them. After all, if fitting in is what you want, then a cookie cutter house in some suburban neighbourhood would your residence of choice.

The great thing about loft living is that decorating one can be super fun. There are no rules to follow, with the most important thing being to celebrate your style and personality. This means that you can choose just about any color you want to go up your walls and as part of your furniture palette. You can also keep some of the existing materials on the loft while stripping other parts, like leaving brick on one wall to make it an accent wall.

For your furniture selection, stay away from the usual furniture sets and go for handpicked treasure that you find along the way. Dare to buy contrasting pieces as long as you can somehow bring them together harmoniously for one living space that screams you all the way.

Image via DRtel

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