Keeping Your Loft Secure

security camera ceiling beamYou may love your loft’s open and airy feel, but that does not mean that you need to leave it open to intruders. The good news though is that you don’t have to compromise your loft’s beloved atmosphere by putting bars all over the place just to keep it secure. Instead, you can still create the perfect loft with a little help from the latest security systems in the market.

A good security system is an investment, not coming in too cheaply. It means having intruder alarms installed on your windows and doors, putting security cameras up in key areas, and paying for whatever software is needed to use your security stuff without a glitch.

Sure, there are affordable alternatives to security cameras and expensive security software, but if you want a comprehensive security system then you’d better stick with the tried and true. This is especially for those that high value items at home.

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Don’t Forget the Parking Space

parking spaceWhen scouting for loft units to purchase or rent, buyers are usually very keen when it comes to spotting potential problems in the loft. From the moment you go online on their computers to check out properties of interest to the actual site visit, you’re probably already taking note of each issue that crops up.

Despite, or perhaps because of, all the attention focused on the actual loft unit, many people fail to ask about one very important factor – the parking.

Do not assume that parking space is included in the deal just because a loft development looks good. Make sure you ask if there’s any available parking space left and the additional cost of getting one. You should check out its location and security situation. The last thing you want is to have a great loft but park your car several blocks away, or have your own parking space but one that is not secure.

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Loft Apartments: Common Problems

There are several problems that go with converting buildings to residential use and these include problems on the aspect of lighting and transition. Indeed, it is often the case that loft apartments have numerous windows but it is not always that the room or apartment receives enough light. Lighting is highly dependent on its location and even on how high it is. This is why it is important to choose the best lighting which involves careful consideration of the different parts and even functions of the whole apartment. Transition is another common problem with loft apartments. Since it is a fact that loft apartments involve that certain change of functionality of a building, it usually takes time to complete needed repairs in the aspects of electrical and plumbing. Also, turnover of ownership usually takes much time which the owner should be open about. One should as well be ready with expenses related to repairs and ownership because these could actually cost a lot.

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Decorating a Loft: Things to consider

Designing a loft involves careful considerations of the following aspects: color, flooring, and lighting. Color may be a simple part of every design but it actually sets the mood of the area. This is why it is important to always choose that color that will fit the decided theme. One tip is to avoid the use of striking colors and just settle on the simple ones like the basic white. Flooring is as well an important consideration. Wood flooring is actually one of the most commonly used and also the most suggested by designers. This kind of flooring looks good and at the same time, makes a room appear spacious. Another important aspect is lighting. Pendant lighting is almost always the type of lighting used in a loft. It is essential to remember that placing this lighting at the very center of the room will affect its arrangement and design since the light is limited to an area. Rather, it is suggested to scatter this lighting and don’t settle on just one to show the beauty of the design.

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Advantages of loft conversions

Loft conversions are advantageous in several ways namely on the aspect of cost, time, and use. Taking for instance, an attic found in one’s home, if loft conversion is done, cost is minimized. All that the owner has to worry about are the furniture and needed materials to design and decorate such empty space while if for instance, one opts to renovate the home just to be able to have that new room, construction expenses are of great consideration and still of course, including cost of design and materials. Also, time of making that planned room is lessened since the attic space is already an existing room which only needs modifications therefore construction works are not much of a requirement. Lastly, loft conversions make an empty, unused room something that is of great use and benefit. Loft conversions lead to an extra space in one’s home and more to this space, are a use that one can enjoy.

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Loft Conversion

Loft conversion is a process related to changing or decorating an empty space into a specific use. These open spaces pertain to that of attics, warehouse, docks, factories, and others. There are two possible changes that be made through the stated open spaces. For example, attics are one of the most used spaces involved in loft conversions since it is often the case that these are converted to rooms such as function room, bedrooms, and office. On the other hand, docks and factories are considered to be places where people dump or stock furniture and those things that are not much used. These spaces are in fact as well used for loft conversions in such a way that these are converted to areas that cater to people’s use such as entertainment rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, and any other place found in a home. In conclusion, loft conversion is done to maximize every space and bring out a beneficial use.

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Going Green: Using Repurposed Furniture

repurposed trunkLiving in lofts is usually associated with modern living, but modern doesn’t mean always using the most hi-tech gadgets, latest security systems, and buying new furniture. You have the option of designing your loft whichever way you want, and that includes using repurposed furniture for a more green approach to home design.

Aside from being environmentally friendly, the great thing about repurposed furniture is that you have endless choices. This means that if you want a contemporary look, you just have to find a clever way to repurpose the furniture you like and get the exact look you are aiming for.

Some ideas for repurposing furniture include using old kitchen cabinets for you new kitchen, whether as newly painted cabinets again or as counter tops; getting new upholstery for old sofas; using mismatched old chairs for a more funky vibe; and turning cool finds such as old trunks into coffee tables.

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Used Kitchen Cabinets: A Good Option for Kitchen Design

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If you have a loft and if you are passionate in cooking different dishes, then you would definitely want to have a celebrity-like  and gorgeous kitchen. One that is consists of different cooking tools and equipment and storage boards that would match your kitchen’s overall theme. Thinking all of these would mean a lot of expenses but to consider purchasing second hand materials could be a good option. Bearing in mind that acquiring used materials are not bad. Sometimes it is better because you were able to save money plus you have what you need. Attending a interior design Thai school and Thai classes is not necessary to get a simple but functional look.

Let us focus on the storage boards that are mostly the composition of a functional kitchen. Choices of cabinets may vary from basic woods to stainless steel cabinets. The basic cabinets could be frameless or face-frame. Stainless steel cabinets are also good for the reason that you would not have to paint it. And stock cabinets are the mix and match cabinets that when put together would look like a customize one. Used kitchen cabinets for sale may be acquired through online or visiting your favorite home depot.

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Design Your Loft with Sweet Home 3D

SweetHome3DSmallLast month we discussed how you can use technology to design your loft. This time we focus on an interior design application that can help you do just that – Sweet Home 3D.

Sweet Home 3D is an excellent app that can be used to design any kind of home, including lofts. The great thing about this app is that it is pretty easy to use, allowing you to use existing layouts or draw your own, depending on your needs. It also helps you visualize what your loft will actually look like not only with the walls up, but with furniture as well since you can drag and drop furniture that are on their catalog.

Sweet Home 3D runs on just about any computer since it is compatible with the Windows OS (Windows 98 and higher), Mac OS (Mac OS X 10.4 and higher), and even computers running on Solaris and Linux systems. But perhaps best of all, this app is FREE!

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Using Technology to Design Your Loft

typing on laptopCreating the perfect loft is no easy task. You might think that all the blank space will spur your creativity all at once and that you’ll end up with the loft of your dreams with the snap of your fingers, but the reality of designing and decorating is far from that. Instead of a magically transformed loft, without the proper tools in place you will just as likely end up in the middle of an empty loft, unable to decide which next step to take.

The good news is that technology has made designing a loft possible and more convenient for everyone, from the clueless to interior designers. All you need to do is go on your computer, search the internet for an app/software/website you find most useful in your circumstance and start from there. Due to the difference in design background as well as computer skills of each person, the kind of app and website that you will benefit most from will vary. Just choose the one you are most comfortable with and enjoy the design process.

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